Friday, 27 January 2012

Hope as My Light

Today, I recognise God as the hope that leads me out of the dark.
You know the kind of dark that screams.
The kind you can almost touch. It’s so palpable that you actually stretch out your arms to ward it off.
Dark so black that uncertainty and despair almost take on human form and you are sure that you can feel them breathing down your neck.
Yes, when things get THAT dark, that is when God steps in and shines down his love into our lives so that we can find HOPE.

And it is that HOPE that serves as a light and leads us out of the darkness trying to smother our lives.
I thank God for being my HOPE, my LIGHT.
For reminding me and showing the world that HE is the one that puts the light in me.
And when God is your light, nothing can extinguish it. The winds may howl, the seas may roar but, because I am a Christian, a desperate one, the light of God in me cannot be snuffed out.

True, it may dim and true it may sputter but it cannot disappear
At least, it should not. It should keep burning bright regardless of what we face or the trials we endure
As children of God, our light should shine on in every situation, good or bad. How come?
Because God is our HOPE and he indwells us. We are his house set on a hill
And he is the LIGHT shining forth out of our windows, drawing the world to his Love.
And if God is always God, then our hope is always sure. Always secure.
And always, always a Light powerful enough to lead us out of the Dark.

Inspired by Brandon Heath’s song, ‘The Light in Me’ and dedicated to anyone out there that is going through. From a fellow ‘Going-Through-er’, take it from me: No darkness can overcome us. We are in Christ, THE LIGHT. No matter how dark the ‘Darkness’ wants to be, our LIGHT will kill it and kill it dead!

Thank you Lord for putting the light me. Thank you for standing with me and empowering me to kill ‘The Darkness’. I pray the protective blood of Jesus Christ over me, mine and the one reading this right now. We are hid in you, our Spiritual Fort Knox. PapaGod, I brag on you! You ALONE are worthy!

Aluta Continua!

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