Monday, 9 January 2012

Best Friends Forever (BFFs)

First, I have to holla at my first two blog commentators of 2012! Ilola and Ibifiri! Girls! You both rock and my prayer for you both is that you not take one single step without holding God's hand in 2012. I also pray that you experience God's love like never before this year in Jesus name. Amen! Amen! And Amen! Betty? Thanks for standing with me.....Kandi? Right back at you! Right back at you.

Now, to my blog for today.

I have decided that, in 2012, I shall be a friend by force to two ladies. I am prepared to chase them and befriend them by fire, by force. Why? Because I need them so much in 2012. I have experienced the power of their connections in the past and I cannot tell a lie, these ladies are good to have in your corner. They live in God's court. One's name is Miz Mercy and the other; Miz Favour.

Yes, these ladies must be my ''BFFs'' in 2012. My Best Friends Forever. My Bestos. I have made up my mind to do anything to get them in my corner permanently. As I thought about it long and hard (aka meditate), the penny dropped as I realised there is only one thing to do to clinch this friendship. Go crazy chasing God.

It's funny cos in church yesterday I could not get over how God went out of his way to let me know that he was FULLY in my corner. I am not kidding, almost every scripture, every prayer point lifted, every proclamation had my name written on it. At first I thought 'Did someone tell this man about me or what?' but I knew that could not be the case. So it could mean only one thing. True, I will be chasing God more desperately in 2012 but the truth of the matter is that I am only chasing a God that is already chasing me. Imagine that! Does this not just blow you away sometimes? The thought of God being crazyinlove with you? So much so that he goes out of HIS way to chase after you? To make things work for you? To bless you? It truly takes my breathe away.

So join me. Let's put our hope IN God alone in 2012. He alone is to be trusted. Join me. Let's forgive all those who have hurt us (and that includes our very own selves) and  in so doing place ourselves in a good place to be eternal beneficiaries of God's forgiveness. Join me. Let's chase after God like crazy so we can be BFFs with Miz Mercy and Miz Favour cos I tell you Miz Mercy will always say 'No' and ensure that '' our iniquity does not dictate our reward'' and Miz Favour? Well, she is not about being 'fair'. Nor does she care whether you deserve it or not. She just does as God tells her. And as long as he sees sincerity in our hearts, I get the feeling he always tells her to make the lines fall around us in pleasant places. Hallelujah!

So how bout it? Will you? Will you join me? You will? Awesome! Let's go then cos I know where they live.  

They live in God's Circle of Love right next door to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.


  1. Really??? I was one of the first? Wow!

    Amen to your prayers for us. I also pray that God will increase you beyond what you can ever think, this year. You will indeed be best friends with favour and mercy

  2. WOW thank you so much and amen. see my partner in crime..loll..
    Anyways I am with you on being bestos with favor and mercy. I need them this year indeed.

  3. Hein! I covet these friends too oh! I am right with you!!!!

  4. Thank you three for being there in 2012 and for still being there in 2013. I am so happy for all three of you. I thank God for all three of you. Glory to God!!!!!


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