Sunday, 21 August 2016

Just Wait!

honestly had no plan whatsoever of blogging about this but I can't see how I have a choice in the matter. How come? You see,  I had a dream last night and what I'm about to share now in this post I saw myself posting in my dream. If that's not a God errand I don't know what is. I take it someone needs this message right now. I really pray you are reading it. And I really pray you listen. God's Love for you is reaching out to save you! 

Just wait!

There is nothing that justifies sex before marriage. Nothing. 
If you are a child of God. 
If you seek to obey Him. If you want to please God.
If your plan is to do courtship and marriage God's way.
For you, your future spouse and children. Please....
Just wait!

If you are with someone, dating someone, engaged to someone that is pressuring you to have sex before marriage you need to sit back and ask yourself if you are with the right person. 
If this is a Christian somebody, I would  love to hear how s/he explains how this can be OK with God. 
If this person insists on these pre-marital funny moves even after you explain how it's wrong?
Then dear one reading this right now?

God is telling you to...

Just run! Fast! Now! 

That person can't be your GodChosenSpouse. 

So that's basically what I saw myself posting in my dream. Please don't shoot the messenger. I'm just obeying my PapaGod.

I hope you choose to do so too.


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My Pastor B! Happy Birthday!!!

I have known Pastor B for over fifteen years. But strangely it feels like I've known her all my life. I still remember the first time she spoke to me. A cheque I had written in favour of my church had bounced and she walked up to me and nicely told me about it. You would have  thought she had done something wrong. Her tone was almost apologetic. I thanked her and promised to sort it out. Considering that in my mind she was more or less Pastor Eskor's right hand person I was stunned by her gentle, self-effacing demeanor. But grateful for how she handled it because my own feeling of shame did not need additional stress😍.

Do you know something? Between that time and today, I'm not sure how I grew to love and respect Pastor B so much! It just happened! Lol! My MGM and I started attending Saturday Praying Meetings at City of David and I know between that and sitting under the teaching of Pastor Eskor all those years,  I grew spiritually. I just thank God for that season of my life. I know deep down that God used these two people to refine me...from the pulpit. 

Now, that I think of it (being as I'm thinking as I'm typing😄) I believe my bond with Pastor B took on a new fondness in MercyPlace. Yes, that's where I made her my Spiritual Mentor. Without her permission of course! Lol! She is not fond of 'funny' titles and does not stand on ceremony. So our relationship only has a name in my head. On the outside of my head, she is just my Pastor B💕💕💕. Being as she belongs to me personally! Lol! 

She is my listening ear. My caring heart. A true SeniorSistaPillar. A no nonsense woman of God. She is one of the people whose faces I see when I think of those I'd hate to let down. Yet I know that even as she reads these words she would be the first to set me straight. "Bola, are you alright? Stop being funny. It's God's opinion you need to worry about o". Yes, this is likely to be her response. Lol! 

My Pastor B! It's your birthday today and I just want to celebrate you. I am so grateful to God for connecting our dots. I thank Him for your life and the many like me that are being blessed from knowing you. Happy Birthday! I love and appreciate you and pray God gives you many more years filled with health, wholeness, inner peace and outer joy! And may He grant you your deepest heart's desires In Jesus name Amen!!!

It's me your BolaSalt❤️.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Meeting with The Women At The Well

- dedicated to every single woman that was at the well that glorious day, July 30, 2016.

If I had to capture my experience that day in one word, it would be 'Adventure'.

The location was exotic and I loved the fact that I got to walk through nature and wear rain boots! I could not remember when last I had the opportunity to do those two simple yet rare things. I have to commend Frances Okoro, the convener for her choice of location cos once I got over my initial fright of falling into the lake, I totally enjoyed my trek to the location. I was just so upset I was not wearing my pedometer to count my steps! I would surely have had over 10, 000 steps that day! *laughing*

But I think what got to me the most and what has stuck in my mind is that I really got the impression that these young ladies were sincere about living their single lives God's way. I am not saying they came off 'forming' perfection but you could tell that the desire of their hearts was to please God.  That is what I got and I pray I am not wrong. 

Yes, like I prayed at the end of the gathering that day, may God use that meeting and any other means necessary to lock those ladies down in His Will for them. May the idea that marriage cannot work be deleted from those minds who thought so. May the faith ignited in those who now see that marriage can work if done God's way never die out. May the women I sat with at the well on Saturday, July 30, 2016 never lose their joy in seeking The One who met one woman at the well many, many, many years ago. And like the woman He met, may their lives too continue to draw others to Christ every day! 

I will remember that day for a long time. I hope they do too and not that I was there. No, I want them to remember all that they heard from their God on that day. For if these women remember. If they continue on this path they are on, I believe that the men that will find and marry them, would have found a good thing indeed. A complete woman. A woman who knows who she is in Christ. A woman who knows she was created to be the solution to her husband's 'problem'. 

A woman who will be a Strong and Empowered Helper. A Necessary Ally. A part of his life without which he knows he cannot succeed.

Yes, that is my prayer for you, dear woman at the well. That is my prayer for all of us who are married right now. For indeed, as married women, after God, our marriages are our first ministry.

This is my Salt-belief,

image courtesy of Goodle images.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Styrofoam Cup

I think this is one of the most poignant clips I have watched in a long time. 

True, I just watched Michelle Obama's full DNC speech and was wiping tears off my key board and smiling all at the same time. I am not even sure why I was moved to tears but I think it had something to do with me thinking how wonderful my own country would be if we had more women like her in power, you know? But I digress).  Michelle's speech was so good I am still debating if I should watch it again or if I should just hold on to how I felt the very first time I watched and treasure that for some time. It was like watching Authenticity speak. I will remember it for a long time.

The humble Styrofoam Cup

Same goes for the words you are about to hear. I will remember them for a long time. I am going to share with my children and everyone I know because this is something we need to understand. And understand very well.

Know who you are before you get to the top. Aspire for greatness. Seek to excel. Be at the top of your professional game.  But as you travel that journey, please figure out who you are and what you are worth. All by yourself. Because if you don't.......perchance you have to climb back down or if you are dragged back down or maybe you just move on to other "less sexy" jobs. If you believe WHO you are is tied to that your position up on the top of the success or position will be one bad, sad story.

Because you just might find yourself drinking from a Styrofoam cup feeling like a big fat nothing.

Watch and see what I mean.


I will just leave this right here for all y'all to think about.

P. S. Dear, Dear Bunmi O, thank you for sending this to me. Thank you.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Pleading Your Case and Another Reason The Blood of Jesus Christ Is SuperImportant

Many years ago I was taught that the more effective response to the prayer "We plead the Blood of Jesus Christ"  was not to just chant back " Blood of Jesus!'. I was taught the response should be "Amen!". And personally, that made sense because Amen means "So Be It!"

I plead the Blood of Jesus Christ over you reading this right now! 
So Be It! 
I plead the Blood of Jesus Christ over your family! 
So Be It! 

Yes, when Pastor Eskor Mfon of blessed memory taught me this, it stuck. So till tomorrow, you'll not hear me respond to the prayer any other way but by saying "Amen!". Because, I believe I'm activating the power better than by just chanting it back. It meant that I was not depending on the words but rather I had an understanding of the awesome power these words 'contain'.

And today, I learned some more about pleading the Blood of Christ! You know me, I must share. Maybe, there are others like me who've been missing out on this. 

Now, can all the lawyers in the house please stand up? You will get this right off the bat. When you plead a case for your client in the courtroom, what are you doing? 

I'm not a lawyer but I imagine you would stand before the Judge and you will say" Your Honour, I stand before you today  in defense of Salt. On account of evidence A, B, and C, I summit to you that Salt is innocent and should be acquitted of all charges. Not only that, we ask that all property and belongings in the Accusers's custody should be restored to my client. Something like that. Right? 

That's the same way we ought to plead our cases using the Blood  of Jesus Christ. Pastor B taught us this during today's Saturday Prayer Meeting. When we go before the court of Heaven we have the legal right, through the Blood of Jesus Christ, to enter a plea and lay claim to the evidence: 

A. His shed Blood
B. The Finished work on The Cross
C. The Stripes on His broken Body

and use them to "debunk"  the power of sin, affliction, death and hell over our lives! AND then stand on them to lay reclaim every thing the sum total of the above evidence give us!!! Forgiveness! Cleansing! Freedom! New Life! Blessings! Breakthrough! Healing! Spiritual Re-Awakening! Wholeness! Deliverance! 

I think for the first time in my life I prayed some of the most effective prayers of my adult life pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ today. Knowledge is indeed Power.  I left that prayer meeting knowing I had just gone up one more rung on this GodLadder I'm climbing in this season of my life.

One more thing! 

Remember the Israelites when Pharaoh was dragging with God?  Just like for them, the Hand of God is over me and mine, so even as the Angel of Death is moving over this our Egypt of a World, we are safe because I just pled the Blood of Jesus Christ over my entire family by blood, marriage and by GodConnection. Yes! That includes you too. 

But, there is nothing like PIY. Plead it Yourself. Remember each family had to mark their own homes. So you too take out time to mark the sides and tops of the door frames" of your lives with The Blood of Jesus Christ yourself. 

Because no matter how much I love you, I can't cross over into your Promised Land for you. 

Can I?

PapaGod, please let this post make sense to those who need to get this. Breathe on it. Please in Jesus Christ's name. Amen! 

         (Image courtesy of Google images)

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

C'est Quoi, Salt Talks?

Salt Talks est exactement ça: Salt Talking.

OK, fear not, I am not going all French on you. Yes, Salt Talks is really just what it means, me talking. Salt talking, sharing, verbally musing just like I do here but this time, you will actually be able to hear me. I love it!

Remember my last post about ROTH how I shared that when Coach Anna asked us if we knew what 'babies' we were carrying and how I said I knew mine? Well, while I will not share with you the exact gender of my baby *smiling* I can tell you this:

I am confident that Salt Talks is God's way of preparing me for my baby when it is full term and ready to be born. You know, like you go for pre-natal classes? Yes, I am 'pregnant' and every time you listen to a Salt Talk you are helping me breathe in and out.  So WHAT exactly am I going on about?

Me being sprinkled out in a new way
by my PapaGod!

(photo courtesy of Google images)
To the glory of God alone, I have created a Whatsapp group called Salt Talks. And just like I come here to share in writing, I will via that group share but this time via voice memos!!! It is a new way to sprinkle some more salt on my patch of this world! I just love it! 

I have shared three already and I cannot tell you  how excited I am about this. Because, deep in my heart I know THIS is me. I have always said I was created by God to use my VOICE to lead people to my God.  It is true, writing is one way of using my voice but this time, I am REALLY using my voice. What an Awesome God we call Papa. His plans for us all can never be thwarted.

So, in a nutshell, that is what Salt Talks is all about. You know me, I have never said that I am the custodian of all wisdom. In fact no one is. That belongs to God and God alone. So I will just be coming on 'air' to share my thoughts as I am led about any and everything. I have so much fun recording the talks that I will still share them in the group even if no one listens....BUT please listen o! Lol! And share you thoughts about what you hear. 

Are you reading this and you and I are not connected yet and you would like to be part of the group. Inbox me your number via and it will be my honour to add you to the group. 

Worried about notification pop-up nuisance factor? Me too. So when a Talk is shared, and you have a comment or want to say anything about it, please send it to JUST me. Not to the group. But the reality is that I may not be able to control that so hopefully, if you enjoy the talks enough, you will not let the conversations that may ensue chase you away. *smiling* And who knows, someone might just say something that will edify you and others too. Abi? Eh-hen! Iron sharpens iron.

So there you have it o! As I have begun my walk to my new level of fulfilling purpose, I pray you do too. The next Salt Talk airs tomorrow night at 9pm by the Grace of God. You don't want to miss it. I am going to be talking about a truly, edifying book! Among other things!  

God is leading me step by step so as the modalities change, I promise to keep you posted.

For now, in all your getting, be sure that the chief thing you are getting is God.


Sunday, 17 July 2016

July 16 2016

I searched in my heart for a fitting title for this post. None came to me. So, I'll just title it using the date. And that actually makes sense because like I told Beloved (the name God placed in my heart for my prayer buddy, Anthonia), for many of us at ROTH yesterday, July 16, 2016 will go down in our lives as a date to remember. A defining moment. 

So, here is fair warning. There is NO way I will be able to share everything in my heart about ROTH 2016 in a post. In fact, I was not even going to try. My plan was to just 'charter' the CDs and give anyone interested. But this morning, when I woke up, I knew I had to. Why? Because I saw myself doing so in my dream. Sharing the 'Boom-worthy' things that each Speaker said that made the "babies" in me leap for joy. 

This post is important because it's me being obedient. One of the things I've been praying for ardently is to hear God more clearly. For Him to guide me using dreams and visions. So I'm taking this as my first 'test'. I'll be doing this sort of personal-like but somehow, I trust God's Spirit in you to connect the dots in a way that speaks to your life personally. So here goes: 

Coach Anna to Salt:
Today,  It's time to give birth to what you have been carrying in you. But to give birth, you first of all need to know what you are carrying. Do you know? ( I knew; I have know for years but been too scared/lazy/doubtful to accept the pregnancies. I wrote them down. Write yours down. )

Coach Anna continued.  Now, here's what you need to carry these pregnancies to term and bring them forth: Get more of the Holy Spirit in you to energize  you when you get tired cos pregnancy is not beans+ Surrender ALL to God cos He is the One that will bring these babies out + Do Not Panic so your fear doesn't abort your seed or make you push when it's not time+ Be Disciplined + Be the Re-Branded Salt. The Salt that walks by the Spirit of God onlyOnce you do this then just begin to PUSH. Pray. Until. Something. Happens. Until you bring forth your 'baby'

Pastor Mayokun Oreofe to Salt:
What's your tag line? 
Salt to Pastor Mayokun : Seasoning lives with words for positive change to the glory of God

Good, for 'these babies' you are carrying in you to achieve that you  need to connect with your God-appointed midwives. This birthing journey cannot be done solo. You need midwives. Who are they? Ask God. ( I did right there and I kid you not, God told me. Who are yours?) 

Pastor Mayokun continued: Salt, be uncomfortable because whatever it is you've done, you are not through. Do not tabernacle here. Your God still has much for you to do. (this was like a splash of cold water in my face! But in a good way because I had been feeling an unease in my spirit about my walk and work for God for a while but I had many reasons for not moving. How about you?)  

Mama Wallace inspired me to pray: 
PapaGod, let your Holy Spirit overshadow me today so that I can live and operate for the realm of the Supernatural and touch lives for good.  I sang with her with all my heart asking the Holy Spirit to consume me  and use me! She connected me with Beloved as she made us pair up and speak Life into our partners! Boy, did we pray over each other! I'm confident something shifted in my life because of Beloved's prayers. I trust my PapaGod that same goes for her. And thanks to Mama Wallace, I have a new DestinySister. 

BMM to Salt:

My sister, for you to conceive, there must first of all be intimacy. Apart from Mary, mother of Christ, there is no way for conception to occur if a man and woman don't become intimate. So the babies you carry? Are they the outcome of you being intimate with God? (I can't tell you how relieved I was to know my answer was 'yes'. How do I know? Cos they looked too big for  me, so impossible. Hence my inaction. All this while I've  been scared into immobility. Not anymore. Thank you Jesus!) 

If you are unsure of what you carry in your spiritual 'womb'. 'If you keep aborting your creative/business/ideas babies'. Or maybe you don't even conceive at all. No future ambition. No clarity on your purpose. In the words of BMM, check your intimacy levels with God. 


If you look closely, you will see a common thread running through all the above. These are my personal notes but I bet if anyone else shared their notes too, the same  thread will come through: To run your race, to fulfill your purpose, to bring forth   life-giving and impactful 'babies' you MUST be connected to God AND you can't go it solo.  No woman is an island. 

To these four special beautiful-on-the-outside-empowered-on-the-inside women of God, it's impossible to do your messages justice in a blog post. Please manage me *smiling* but I pray I've shared enough to make readers want to get the CDs.  

PapaGod, please breathe on this post. Cover up anything I may have written amiss but magnify ALL that you agree with and want your daughters (and sons) to get from this. So that they can Run! Find! And Fulfill Destiny! 

To God be the glory! 

P.S I'm still getting five sets of the CDs. Two are spoken for already. So, first three people to inbox me at with name, delivery address and phone number get the rest.